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Xior Collblanc

Xior Student Housing is a company that specializes in the student housing sector in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. Xior wants to go further than just building the shells and aims to reduce to a minimum the stresses that go together with life at university (especially looking for and living in suitable accommodation) for students (and their parents).

50€ cashback

Get a 50€ cashback at Xior Collblanc simply by saying you are coming from Studentfy before booking your room

Incredible facilities

Xior Collblanc has incredible facilities with excellent common areas, restaurant, where you can relax, study or meet new friends

Rooftop gym

You will have full access to the rooftop gym, with high-quality equipment on-site. No need to pay extra for going to gym outside

Built for students

Xior Collblanc is built to accommodate you and your student life. You can use the study room to study



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