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The Best Coffee Places to Study in Barcelona

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We know it’s easy to forget to study and get those assignments done in time especially when the weather is nice, the beach is warm and the parties are on! It happens to all of us.

This is why we have put together a list of cozy and quiet cafés and co-working spaces ideal for concentrating and finishing assignments. Here are our top 10 picks of best coffee places to study, in no particular order.

* Studentfy is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these locations.

CCCB Archive

The Centre de Cultura Contemporania of Barcelona offers this cultural hub which is perfect for students to find tranquility and peace to study.

The special feature about this place is that it offers more than 10,00 multimedia-based references so if you need material and sources for your research, this is the ideal spot for it.

It also has free entry, free Wi-Fi and super comfy chairs.

Alsur Café

Alsur Café is the perfect option if you want to enjoy delicious food while working in a great atmosphere. They offer excellent options for brunch and amazing desserts perfect for that coffee buzz you need to focus and study.

Alsur Café is a chain and they have multiple locations but we recommend the ones in Roger de Lluria or in El Born. These two locations have the perfect space for you to get your papers and laptop out and get work done.

Important notice: they don’t have WiFi on the weekends.

Laie Llibreria

Laie is described as “an oasis of calm in the centre of a bustilng city”. This two-story café has a bookshop on one floor and a cafeteria/restaurant on the other floor, as well an outdoor patio so you can work while having some fresh air.

Café Cometa

Have you ever been to a real Pinterest-like cafeteria? This is the place where you can enjoy a coffee while working in a white space with pastel shades, with wooden designs and the perfect ambience.

Also, this place is great if you want fresh baked brownies and cakes.

Café Cosmo

Galeria Cosmo is a cafe & contemporary art space, hosting concerts, cultural courses, pop-up shops & events. The café has a cozy area with sofas, relaxed atmosphere and everything else you need to help you concentrate.

They have bigger tables and plenty of space at the back of the café perfect for group meetings and projects. You can also enjoy their wide range of food like hummus, guacamole, manchego cheese and jamón iberico. Yumm!

Federal Café

Federal Café is considered as one of the best brunch places in Barcelona. Delicious food, great coffee, good WIFI, what else needed?
Very spacious and a bright cafe. As a bonus, it has two locations in the city for your convenience.

Sabio Infante

Sabio Infante is a hidden jewel in the Gracia neighborhood. The place has a airy, light and cozy feeling where you can sit and enjoy a specialty coffee, a good book and the best homemade pastries. It offers free wifi so you can enjoy and stay how much time you need. This place also has many events in their locale such as free concerts and yoga classes. They believe that their space is a place to escape a little bit from reality.


ImaginCafé is a creative co-working space with a universe of activities that you won’t want to miss. They offer a huge variety of networking sessions, master classes, public talks and tons of fun and creativity. The café has two floors and you definitely can find yourself a space to focus on your work or studies.

Coco Coffice

Coco Coffice, a blend of a coffeeshop and office, is the ideal place if you are tired of working or studying from home, school, or crowded cafés. This is an excellent place if you want read or work quietly and concentrate.

You can stay one hour, two, the whole day or even a month. You will get free fruits, tea, coffee, snacks and fast WiFi included in their hourly, daily, weekly and monthly fees.

Satellites by Coco Coffice

Satellites by Coco Office are different exotic locations managed and promoted by Coco Office. You can pick any location you want whether a rooftop, a terrace in a hotel, or a garden

Although access to the Satellites requires a weekly or monthly subscription, you will definitely enjoy their relaxed atmosphere, comfortable chairs and desks, and access to their free coffee and tea.

What are your favorite places to relax and study? Let us know in the comments below.

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