How to Get the COVID-19 vaccine as a foreigner in Spain

Spain started vaccinating its residents from 2021 and it’s an easy process. Continue reading to find out to see how to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Spain as a foreigner.

Every Spanish comunidad does it differently with different conditions. The process below describes the process for all legal residents (students or workers) in Catalunya. We will update the blog for other cities soon.

1. Get a TSI

If you already have a TSI, you can skip this section.

Before you can get the vaccine, you need to apply for the targeta sanitària individual or TSI. 

The TSI is a personal health card which identifies you and allows you to access the public health system (CatSalut). It has your Personal identification code (CIP) which is your Catalan public health number, your full name and the level of coverage (the level of coverage isn’t important in this case).

TSI card

How to get a TSI

  1. Fill out the TSI form. Remember that you need to be registered as a resident of Catalunya and have a padrón (What is Empadronamiento and How to Get a Padrón)
  2. Wait 10 to 20 working days for your TSI sent to your address
  3. Make a COVID-19 vaccine (see next step)

2. Make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

Now that you have a TSI, you can make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

  1. Go to this official CatSalut page
  2. Enter your personal information
  3. Select a vaccine center, date and time.
  4. Confirm and receive the confirmation barcode and email
  5. Print the confirmation email
  6. Take the confirmation email, your NIE/passport and your TSI with you to the vaccine center
  7. Receive your shot

Remember that you may not be able to make an appointment if your age group isn’t legible to receive the current dose. For example, if you are 25 years old but only 30 ro 39 year old people can receive the vaccine at the moment, you will have to wait until it’s your turn.

3. Access your COVID-19 Passport

You can access your updated COVID-19 Passport 24 hours after receiving your shot. Your COVID-19 Passport will include your personal information as well as how many and what types of vaccines you have received and the personal QR code.

  1. Register / Login on the official La Meva website (you can use a password or your digital certificate if you have one)
  2. Go to Vacunes i Certificat COVID UE
  3. Click Sol·licita’l aquí under Certificat COVID Digital UE
  4. Click Descarregar certificat to download your COVID-19 Passport as a PDF file

You will need to present the QR code when requested.

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