Digital Certificate

What is a digital certificate?

Is an online ID card giving access to town halls, local governments, tax and social security offices and even traffic offices.

This digital certificate contains the data of each person who requests it, which are authenticated by official bodies. The digital certificate will allow you to sign documents electronically, which will save you a lot of time when carrying out processes with Spanish public entities.

What is the digital certificate for?

Pay taxes, Annual Income Statement, Check your files Consult information on census data, Compare documents through secure verification code, Answer requirements or present documentation related to a document received from the AEAT, among others.

Request a duplicate of the social security affiliation document, Obtain work life report and contribution base, Obtain the certificate of withholdings and payments on account of the IRPF, Request deferral of debts, Apply for retirement pension and calculate retirement age, Apply for disability benefit and submit medical reports, Obtain a document that proves the right to public health care, Apply for the European Health Card, Request pensions for widows and orphans, among others.

Request processing for being able to have a driver’s license and vehicle documentation on the mobile, register in the MIDGT app, pay fines, consult the points of the driver’s license, consult pending fines and their history, request a duplicate driver’s license, among others.

Apply for unemployment benefit, consult and obtain certificates on the status of the unemployment benefit, modify bank details, cancel a benefit, among others.

Electronic certificate of criminal record, certificate of crimes of a sexual nature, Spanish nationality by residence, electronic birth certificate, electronic marriage certificate, among others.

Consult police records, application and renewal of weapons and explosives licenses, among others

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