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Brexit in Spain was born from a recognition that over one million British who own property or who live and work in Spain have significantly affected by Brexit and the change in the relationship we have been with the European Union.



We identify the key issues facing UK passport holders. 



Design and deliver solutions to the problems Bristish nationals have to face legally to reside, work or frequenthy visit their properties in Spain.



Continuation and relationship management evolving service solutions to resolve our client needs.

“We believe there is a solution to every problem if the approach to resolving that problem is correct and the solution diligently and professionally delivered and communicated.”

Since 2002

While Brexit in Spain is a response to a specific event the founders are a coming together of professional services firms and experts in heir field with over 20 years direct and relevant experience.

How Do We Work

We always depend upon our clients initially in the completeness of the information given as well as the quality of copy documents (Pdf and scans not photos) by compleling our questionaire we comit the contract you within 24 hours to arrange a call to assess your situation and options.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Once engaged we will open direct communication through Whatsapp and by Email.

We will manage the documental requirements even though most information will need to be gathered by the client.

Communicate submission of applications, responses, organise appointments and arrange  for bi-lingual assistance where necessary.

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Questions And Answers

There are no guaranties with residency and visa applications and our unsuccessful aplications to date have been due to our client issues (criminal records or non compliance with actual residency situation at point of applications) or different regional interpretations of the rules. Malaga and Alicante are harder than Cataluña or Castellon, sometimes unfairly however our success rate runs at over 90% for all aplications. 


You can contact by messenger “Whatsapp” and expect same day reply within working hours or you can contact us by email with 24 hour reply time. You can expect regular updates and prompt communication on changes.

Theres no fixed time and timings depend heavily on the region your applying to.

As a reference.

A Brexit TIE residency card if you have all the documents: 1 – 4 weeks for fingerprint appointment 6 weeks delivery of card.

On line Brexit residency application: 6 – 12 weeks (Bale 6 – 9 months)

Student Visas: 4 – 8 weeks.

Non lucrative Visas: 2 – 6 weeks.

Economic residency: 6 – 12 weeks.

Arraigo: 4 – 9 months.

Civil parthership: 3 – 6 months.


We depend upon our clients for full and correct disclosure, quality scanned copies of documents, accurate information and clear expression of requirements.

We ourselves review documents and manage the collating process we direct you to your best, most probable success rate and cost effective solution. organise all fillings, appointments, follow ups and communications with foreign office, local authorities and national police departments.

We do manage your process from start to finish whatever the outcome and follow through on outcomes.

Residency processes in spain take many forms and are both online and require physical presence, and the residency card or Visa stamp in your passport in the ultimate result.

However residency is usually the start of our relationship and through our founder partners we will continue to support and help our clients especially in areas relating in property tax, wealth management or business matters especially cross borders between Britain and Spain.

Residency card fingerprint appointment plus €150 VAT