About Brexit in UK

Who are we?

Brexit in Spain is a service specifically designed to serve the demands of British nationals who need to register their residency status before the 31 December 2020, the Withdrawal Agreement deadline.  We are a team of British and Spanish lawyers and accountants each with over 20 years of experience resolving residency issues of foreign nationals in Spain.

We are residency specialists, experts in helping foreigners navigate the labyrinth of the Spanish Administrative systems. We have used our years of knowhow and experience to design an easy to use ONLINE platform that will enable you (and with our assistance if you wish) to manage your BREXIT TIE residency process with card application.

How do we do it?

We establish your individual circumstances and requirements through a short Free Assessment Questionnaire, and you are under no obligation to use our optional services.  We provide you with specific written guidance as to how you can make your TIE application and which of your documents are in order or need updating or modification.  This is 100% free and without obligation.

In the majority of cases we can offer a low cost, fixed price service to assist you in making your TIE application potentially saving you considerable time and effort in completing the application before the 31 December 2020 deadline. We offer all the following:

• Review your individual circumstances as provided in your Assessment Questionnaire
• Review all relevant documents which you can upload online
• Check and verify documents for compliance with the application process
• Assist you in correcting / updating non-compliant documents
• Complete the Spanish Government Application form on your behalf ready for your signature
• Book appointments at Government and Administration offices
• Pre-pay all applicable fees and taxes (often requiring separate visits to local banks)
• Provide Bi-lingual team member to accompany you to your appointment in Madrid or Barcelona or Malaga.
• Provide English telephone support throughout the process.

For the few who don’t meet our standard fixed price criteria, we offer a bespoke service for a fixed fee agreed in advance which will depend upon individual circumstances.
In addition we can assist you with:

• NIE Certificates,
• Empadron Certificates,
• Social Security registration,
• Digital Certificates
• Changing from UK to a Spanish Drivers License without having to retake any tests. You will otherwise require an International Driving Permit to drive in Spain from 1 January 2021