Key facts to obtain a Brexit TIE card

Before continuing with the documents you need to access the Brexit TIE process, it is important that some concepts are clear



This is a small credit card sized laminated photo ID and recognised as proof of identity and right of residency in Spain and issued for either five or ten years.


British citizens who have applied and been issued with a BREXIT TIE card will retain their full EU rights under the Treaty of Rome as well as accumulated Spanish benefits.


Stands for “Numero de Identificacion Extranjero’ and means Foreign Identification Number. It is a unique number issued to every foreigner who wishes to live, work or own an asset in Spain and stays with you for your entire Spanish facing life. 


A Padron is the registration of a resident person of their address at the town hall (ajuntamiento) It is issued on official town hall paper as a ‘Volante or Certificado de empadronamiento’ or for a family a ‘Certificado de Covivencia’.


Which is an online ID card giving access to town halls, local governments, tax and social security offices and even traffic offices.